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Organic Farming @ Green Acres

The farm Green Acres, is a perfect example of Organic farming and how the same can lead to sustainable and eco-friendly way of living. Organic farming is mainly a phenomenon of producing food in a natural way without use of any synthetic chemicals.

Organic farming can be related to the traditional form of agriculture which has been in practice since many centuries.This agriculture form used to be a norm before the advent of green revolution and used to be practiced as soon as 1960’s and 70’s. However, with increase in use of chemicals and fertilizers, serious damage has been caused to the health of not just the Earth but also people. Deteriorating condition of soil along along with depleting natural resources makes it all more important for us to start using eco-friendly and sustainable way of living. Organic Farming is one of the examples for the same.

This is safe and sustainable farming system which included production of crops and vegetables without affecting the environment negatively. In this method, artificial chemicals and pesticides are not used. In spite of this, a healthy and fertile soil is created by using farmyard manure and other organic matters.

Benefits of Organic Farming:

With minimized use of artificial chemicals, organic farming eventually leads to lesser health and environmental problems. The plants grown via Organic farm are free from pollution and exposure to chemicals.

As applying pesticides through aerial spraying results in spread of chemicals in the air, it is quite injurious to farmers health and people residing nearby. Not just human and animals, these are harmful for plants as well. The residues of pesticides and artificial chemicals leach into the ground during rain and pollutes the groundwater as well, one of major sources of water for many of us.

Organic farming is quite beneficial for human health as the food produced through this mode of cultivation is healthier and more nutritious than the ones produced by using artificial chemicals. This kind of soil is favourable for various kinds of microbiotic organisms which further enriches the soil and the plant.

The flavour of the crops grown here is another differentiating factor. These crops are so rich that anyone can differentiate these from those grown by using fertilizers and pesticides. When at Green Acres, you can taste the food yourself and understand the importance of organic farming.

At the organic farm Green Acres, the soil is naturally nourished. The farm is well balanced with various kinds of fauna and flora flourishing here.

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