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If you were in awe of Universal Studios of Hollywood till now, you should definitely visit its Indian counterpart - Hyderabad Film City, popularly known as Ramoji Film City. This 1666 - acre film studio cum amusement park was the largest integrated film city in the world till Prayag Film City in Kolkata took over. Located around 30km from the heart of the Hyderabad city, this Film studio was constructed by Ramoji group in 1996. With its extravagant movie sets, themed parks, and various fun-filled rides for kids; Hyderabad Film City is a place for everyone alike. It attracts millions of visitors every year and the Carnival organized each year stands out as a special attraction here.The same excitement, fun and enthusiasm with which one boards the red vintage bus in the Film City, is retained during the entire day of the trip. With a guided tour of the various sets from the bus, it’s a treat to watch the replicas of Hawa Mahal, Mughal Gardens, Airport settings as if they are for real.

Hyderabad Film City is known for handling up to 400 movies per year with its state of the art facilities and latest equipment for film making. Not just Telugu movies but movies in various other languages like Tamil, Kannada, English, Gujarati, Bengali, Oriya, Bhojpuri, Hindi, and Malayalam are made every year here. The Film city with its pre-designed sets and facilities for shooting, post-production and accommodation easily reduces the burden for filmmakers. One just needs to enter the Film City with its crew and the script; and everything else will be taken care.

Hyderabad Film City is also a major tourist spot attracting hordes of visitors each day. Eureka, Ramoji Movie Magic and Fundustan are major attractions here. If Eureka offers west themed stunt shows, dances and performances from various cultures, Ramoji Movie Magic is known for its action studio, Filmi duniya and Ramoji Towers where one learns the secrets of special effects, shootings; visits the various landscapes through a mini-train ride and enjoys 4D experience of an earthquake. Fundistan is the favorite place for tiny tots offering various fun filled games and thrilling rides for the kids. For foodies, there are various restaurants like Alampana, Chanakya, Gunsmoke and Ganga Jamuna catering mouth-watering cuisines.

You might feel that one day is not enough for exploring the entire Hyderabad Film City, we Holidays DNA also offer multi-day Hyderabad Film City Packages and treat yourself for a couple of days of fun-filled entertainment. Once into this world of fantasy you will definitely want to visit it again and again. Contact us for more details..