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Places to Visit in Hyderabad in 2 Days

Our team at Hyderabad Tourism have curated a list of comprehensive places to visit in Hyderabad in 2 days for you to experience the essence of the magnificent city. Hyderabad is the dynamic capital of Telangana, located on the banks of the Musi River is also called the City of Pearls and the Land of Nizams. The vibrant and cosmopolitan city is well-known for its grand mosques, regal forts, and old bazaars.

Hyderabad features numerous eminent landmarks that display its architecture and culture that you can plan to visit on your two day trip. The city offers a wide range of holidaying options, such as sightseeing, shopping, gastronomical tours, and other exciting activities. With its rich history, diverse culture, and bustling streets, Hyderabad has something to offer every kind of traveler. Here are some of the best tourist attractions to visit in Hyderabad in 2 Days split into day wise itineraries.

Itinerary Options

Itinerary 1

Day 1-

  • Statue of Equality
  • Nehru Zoological Park
  • Golconda Fort
  • Charminar
  • Chowmahalla Palace
  • Salar Jung Museum

Day 2-

  • Birla Mandir
  • Birla Planetarium
  • Hussain Sagar Lake
  • Thrill City
  • Gravity Zip
  • Shilparamam

Itinerary 2:

Day 1-

  • Golconda Fort
  • Charminar
  • Chowmahalla Palace
  • Salar Jung Museum
  • Birla Mandir
  • Birla Planetarium
  • Hussain Sagar Lake

Day 2-

  • Ramoji Film City

Day 1 Hyderabad Places to Visit

Statue of Equality

The Statue of Equality is the statue of 11th-century Indian philosopher and social reformer Ramanjuacharya. The masterpiece was constructed to commemorate his 1000th birth anniversary. The 216-foot-tall golden statue is the world's 2nd tallest statue in the sitting position. He is sculpted, sitting with folded hands and a soft smile on his face.

The statue is mounted on a three-story building. A Vedic digital library, a meditation hall, an education gallery, and a museum are housed inside the base. The statue provides a place meant for daily worship. There are 36 wonderfully carved elephants near the statue. Each elephant can be seen spouting cool water.

Nehru Zoological Park

Nehru Zoological Park is also called the Hyderabad Zoo. It is one of the largest animal parks in the country and one of the most visited attractions on a 2 day Hyderabad trip. It also serves as a zoo and a museum. The 380-acre parkland is located next to a picturesque Mir Alam Tank. It houses over 150 species of birds, animals, and reptiles. Go on a wildlife safari to spot the Asiatic lions, white tigers, panthers, and jaguars in their natural habitats.

Visit the nocturnal house or take a birdwatching tour. You can also rent a battery-operated vehicle or a cycle to cover more ground. Take a train around the zoo to locate the animals.

Golconda Fort

The medieval mud monument, Golconda Fort, overlooks the city and is a testimony to the grandeur of the bygone era. It is a must visit place on your Hyderabad two day trip. Although it is in ruins now, it is a famous tourist attraction in Hyderabad. The imposing citadel is built atop a 120-foot-high granite hill. It is renowned for its historical significance and architectural beauty.

It is famous for the diamond mines, and the legendary Koh-i-Noor Diamond was stored here. Explore the royal quarters, mosques, ramparts with mounted cannons, and majestic spiked gates. It features fantastic acoustics such that a clap at the entrance can echo through the fort. In the evening, the light-and-sound show showcases snippets of its regal past.


The 400-year-old Charminar is an iconic monument. The 4-storied structure is one of the most famous landmarks of Hyderabad. There is a mosque on the top floor with 45 extra prayer spaces. From the top floor, you can enjoy the peaceful ambiance and the panoramic views of the bustling city.

The historic square-shaped monument has four 48.7-meter-tall pillars on each side. Witness the intricate carvings on the minarets and beautiful domes. When you are in the Charminar area, treat yourself to the Osmania biscuits and a glass of Irani Chai. Explore the surrounding bazaars for interesting curios.

Chowmahalla Palace

Situated in a secluded corner of the bustling old Hyderabad City, Chowmahalla Palace was once the residence of the Nizams. It is a stunning historical and cultural attraction. Nineteen crystal chandeliers adorn the high ceiling of the large Durbar Hall. It also has a collection of portraits, weapons, costumes, and furniture of the Nizams.

The Bara Imam is a long corridor with a series of arches and columns. Beautiful mirror work decorates the Shishe-Alat. The Roshan Bangla has a distinctive European style with sloping roofs and wooden windows. Encounter the most exquisite and rare vehicles at The Vintage Car Museum, such as a 1911 Yellow Bus.

Salar Jung Museum

Salar Jung Museum was originally the private collection of Salar Jung III, which was opened to the public in the 1950's. It is one of the most sought attractions on our Hyderabad City Tour by Car. The rich and diverse collection is grouped in 39 well-curated galleries spread over 2 floors. One of the world's largest personal collections, it exhibits Aurangzeb's sword, Tipu Sultan's wardrobe, paintings, ceramics, sculptures, metallic artifacts, textiles, carpets, manuscripts, carvings, furniture, and clocks from various continents.

There is also a library with over 60,000 books and almost 8,000 rare manuscripts. Besides, there are reading rooms, a sales counter, and cafeterias. People can attend various workshops, seminars, and exhibitions frequently held at the museum.

Day 2 Hyderabad Places to Visit

Birla Mandir

Birla Mandir is dedicated to Lord Vishnu in the form of Shri Venkateshwara. Its impressive architecture is a mix of South Indian and Odiya styles. While the Rajagopuram showcases the South Indian style, the tower over the main shrine represents the Odiya style. It boasts finely sculpted marble images depicting the great epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata.

The 11-foot-tall presiding deity is made up of granite. The 42-foot-high Garbha Griha is modeled on the Venkateshwara Temple at Tirumala. Inside the complex, you can encounter a Buddhist Temple with fresco paintings. Since it is located on a 280-foot-high hillock, it offers spectacular views of the surroundings.

Birla Planetarium

A prominent attraction for Kids the Birla Planetarium provides hands-on experience in space and astronomy. It is a science center cum planetarium, with the main attraction being its sky theater. The dome displays various celestial bodies, star formations, and galaxies in 3D. You can learn about space and its mysteries through interactive exhibits and workshops. Some of the popular exhibitions include Journey to Mars, Sky Watch, and Space Voyage.

There is also a replica of Neil Armstrong's spacesuit on display. The planetarium also has an observatory deck and a science park with various scientific installations and games. It is a great place for kids and adults to learn about space exploration and the wonders of our universe, such as comets, meteors, and asteroids.

Hussain Sagar Lake

Hussain Sagar Lake, also called Tank Bund, is a majestic heart-shaped artificial lake built during Ibrahim Quli Shah's reign in 1563. Constructed on a tributary of the Musi River, it connects Hyderabad to Secunderabad. It is touted as Asia's largest artificial lake. This attraction is popular among families as it presents a serene setting, flanked by Indira Park, Lumbini Park, and Sanjeevaiah Park on its three sides.

The colossal monolith Buddha statue at its center adds to its charm. It is made up of white granite. The lighting show is a huge attraction, adding to its romantic charm. You can enjoy boat rides or stroll to explore the splendid surroundings.

Thrill City

Thrill City is renowned as India's 1st futuristic theme park and offers a world beyond your imagination. It promises a whole day of thrills, excitement, adventure, and recreational activities. Try something out-of-the-box for a cherishing experience. The 2-acre virtual city amusement park features more than 50 games. Its special attraction is the world's largest single-platform motion theater.

Get your adrenaline rushing at the high-thrill rides, which include a Flying Simulator, VR Roller Coaster, Cricket Simulator, Splash Coaster, and Real Skoda Car Simulator. You can also enjoy a movie at the Dome Theater for a 360-degree viewing experience. There are Kids' rides like Pendulum and Magic Train. Savor food and beverages from world-class restaurants, snack counters, food stalls, and cafés.

Gravity Zip

Gravity Zip is India's 1st and only indoor skydiving arena. It replicates the actual adventure and thrill of outdoor skydiving. Its quick-operating wind tunnel creates a column of air, enabling flyers to experience the sensation of freefall without the need to be airborne.

The simulated environment is completely safe with adequate supervision. It is wide enough to accommodate two people at once. Each package consists of 2 flights of 1-minute duration. You can pre-book your preferred time slot. Take a bumpy bus ride to and from check-in to the actual zip lines for added fun. There is also a café on the upper level.


Shilparaman is a traditional crafts village that weaves colors, sounds, and scents to create an immersive experience. Replete with lush greenery and gorgeous waterfalls, it offers a pleasant environment to unwind. The traditional cottages display intricate woodwork and vibrant murals. They are grouped to exhibit different regions of the country.

You can enjoy the rhythmic beats of folk music and dance performances. It also houses a rock museum, a rural museum, and a recreational area. You can also indulge in boating activities. There is a bazaar where arts and crafts from all around India are sold.

More to Explore in Hyderabad

Ramoji Film City

At least a full day is required to visit the world's largest film studio complex. Spread over 2500 acres, Ramoji Film City is an integrated film studio. A one-of-its-kind attraction, it is a spectacular getaway for both the locals and the tourists on a 2 day Hyderabad tour. This wonderland can accommodate up to 20 different film units at a time. It features several film locations like Japanese Gardens, London Street, and Hollywood Signage.

Other sets include hospitals, post offices, prisons, courts, airports, buildings, laboratories, and landscapes. Smaller renditions of famous monuments like the Amer Palace can also be seen. The expansive film city has a wide array of activities, like adventure sports and bus or toy train rides.

KBR National Park

KBR National Park was established in 1994 to preserve the biodiversity of the area. Spreading over 16 hectares, it boasts of rich flora and fauna. A dense forest envelops it. The park provides a vibrant atmosphere that is much needed for respite from city life. It is also known as ‘a jungle amidst the concrete jungle’.

There are more than 20 species of reptiles, 600 species of trees, 13 species of birds, 20 species of mammals, and 15 species of butterflies. The premises also house the Chiran Fort Palace, Mor Bungalow on a hillock, Gol bungalow, pet stables, several water tanks and wells, and Motor Khana for vehicles.

Hyderabad is a city full of history, culture, and modernity. It is home to magnificent forts, historical tombs, and serene ancient temples that you can visit when you opt for our Hyderabad Tour Packages 2 Days / 1 Night. The city is a treasure trove for those keen on delving deeper into its rich past. Taramati Baradari and Qutub Shahi Tombs are renowned for their splendid architecture.

Thrill-seekers also have several options to choose from, with Wonderla, Mount Opera Theme Park Resort, GravityZip, and Jala Vihar offering an array of amusement rides, water games, and adventure sports amidst food courts and gaming zones. Offbeat attractions like Snow World offer a chilly escape from the city's heat. Paigah Tombs, Durgam Cheruvu, Mecca Masjid, Amareswara Temple, and Purani Haveli are other interesting sightseeing spots adding to the eclectic charm of Hyderabad.

Hyderabad has a vibrant nightlife with numerous bars, pubs, and lounges that you can visit on your two day trip. Hitech City is the hub for most of the party-goers. For a more upscale experience, head to Jubilee Hills or Banjara Hills. You can choose to spend your time partying at the city's best nightclubs, dine at restaurants that offer live music performances, or attend hilarious stand-up comedy shows.

Charminar Bazaar, Laad Bazaar, and Begum Bazaar are famous for traditional pearls, bangles, handicrafts, textiles, and perfumes. The city's Shopping malls, like Hyderabad Central Mall and Inorbit Mall, cater to modern shoppers with international brands and food courts. For a more local experience, head to Abids Street, Koti Sultan Bazar, or General Bazaar. The city is also known for its vibrant street shopping markets, such as Moazzam Jahi Market and Nampally.

Hyderabadi cuisine is famous worldwide and a must try during your visit, especially the mouth-watering Biryani. Other delicacies include Haleem, Kebabs, Nihari, Kheer-Khorma, Mirchi Ka Salan, and Irani Chai. Hyderabadi Biryani is a must-try dish with its blend of spices, saffron, and meat, which is cooked to perfection in dum style. The city also offers delectable vegetarian options like Bagara Baingan, Mirchi Bajji, and Hyderabadi Kadhi. Traditional sweets like Double Ka Meetha, Qubani Ka Meetha, and Kheer-Khorma are a must-try for those with a sweet tooth.

Hyderabad City Tour Packages

City Tour by Car
City Tour starting @ Rs.2,700/- Upto 4 Pax with Indica A/c Cab (9:00 AM to 7:30 PM)
Ramoji Gen by Car
Daily - 9 AM to 8:30 PM. #Ramoji Entry Fee Included. #Pick & Drop from Hotel / Home by Ac Car.
Pickup & Drop
Entry Ticket
Ramoji Bus by Telangan Tourism
Daily - 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM #Ramoji General Entry Ticket Included. #Pick & Drop by Bus from various City Points.
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