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Statue of Equality (Ramanuja), Hyderabad Tourist Attraction

Statue of Equality (Ramanuja) Hyderabad Entry Fee

200 per Adult
125 per Child (between 5-12 years)
40 for Car parking

Statue of Equality (Ramanuja) Hyderabad Phone

079014 22022

Rating: | 4.3 stars, out of 4.8 stars
Based on total 79 reviews

Statue of Equality (Ramanuja) Hyderabad Address: Statue Of Equality JIVA, Sriram Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana, 509325, India

Statue of Equality (Ramanuja) Tickets & Tours

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Statue of Equality (Ramanuja) Timings

Day Timing
Monday 11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Tuesday 11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Wedesday Closed / Holiday
Thursday 11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Friday 11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Saturday 11:00 am – 8:00 pm
Sunday 11:00 am – 8:00 pm

Dynamic Fountain Show Timings: On weekdays: 1 pm, 4 pm, 6 pm, 8 pm and on weekends (Saturday and Sunday): 1 pm, 4 pm, 5:30 pm, 7:15 pm, 8:30 pm.

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The Statue of Equality Hyderabad is a grand, 216-feet-tall, golden statue of Ramanujacharya, a Hindu saint and a social reformer. It's the second tallest statue, in the sitting pose, in the world. The tallest one is the great Buddha statue in Thailand.

The statue is also called the Ramanuja statue. And it has been built to spread the beliefs and ideology of Ramanuja. He is sculpted, sitting with folded hands and a soft smile on his face.

The Ramanuja statue is mounted on a three-storey building acting as its base. The base has floors for a Vedic digital library, a meditation hall and an educational gallery. It also houses a museum which has ancient Indian texts and the works of Sri Ramanujacharya (or Ramanuja).

Ramanuja promoted the idea of equality in all aspects of living, be it caste, faith or gender. And this masterpiece of sculpture is built to commemorate his teachings on his 1000th birth Anniversary. A golden hue covers the entire statue.

So, here are all the details and features of the Statue of Equality explained.

Where is the Statue of Equality in Hyderabad?

The 216-feet-tall Statue of Equality is situated in the 45-acre scenic Jeeyar Integrated Vedic Academy (JIVA), on the outskirts of Hyderabad. It’s established to deliver Ramanujacharya’s message of equality in the world. The vision behind is to create a world free of caste, religion, colour, and other discrimination.

Who was Ramanujacharya?

Ramanujacharya is a revered Vedic philosopher and social reformer. He was born in the 11th century in Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu. He travelled all across the country, trying to understand the way of life in different parts.

He revived the Bhakti movement in the country. Ramanuja's philosophy of Vishishtadvaita inspired many other Bhakti Movements. His preaching also inspired poets like Kabir, Meera and Tulsidas. He also established the correct procedures for rituals performed in temples throughout India.

Ramanuja was a spiritual leader who believed God created (and loved) all his creations. He believed in spiritual growth, and he fought against the prevailing discrimination in society.

He wasn't only a philosopher and reformer but also a literary genius. He went on to write nine scriptures, popularly called the navaratnas. These are Vedartha Sangraha, Sri Bhasyam, Vaikuntha Gadyam, Saranagati Gadyam, Sriranga Gadyam, Nitya Grantham, Gita Bhasyam, Vedanta Deepam and Vedanta Sara.

Why is Ramanuja Statue called the Statue of Equality?

Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami of Sri Ramanujacharya Ashram proposed the idea of building the Statue of Equality in 2014. He wanted to commemorate Sri Ramanujacharya’s 1000th birth anniversary by making a statue.

The Statue of Equality he envisioned makes people aware about Ramanuja’s life and his philosophy. It provides a place meant for daily worship.

Ramanuja was an advocate of social equality among all sections of people. He fought for equality across religions, castes, social status and gender. As per Chinna Jeeyar Swami, the social philosophy of Ramanujacharya was to embrace the whole of humanity.

Ramanuja spoke of devotion to God, equality and mutual respect. Thus, the JIVA trust named this statue – Statue of Equality.

Architecture of Statue of Equality

The Statue of Equality has a concrete core covered with a panchaloha (five-metal) sheet. This panchaloha sheet is a mixture of gold, silver, copper, brass and titanium.

The statue is built on a three-storey building called Bhadra Vedi. On top of this building is a lotus, which is 27 feet high, carried by 36 elephants. The statue sits over this lotus-shaped platform called Padma Peetam.

The 54-foot-high Bhadra Vedi base building has a museum, library and educational exhibition of Sri Ramanujacharya's works. It also has a meditation hall with a 54-inch-high statue of Ramanuja made of 120 kg of gold.

Mini replicas of 108 Divya Desams (model temples) surround the statue. These replicas are built of stone, with rich, ornate detailing.

Things to do at Statue of Equality of Ramanuja

1. View the magnificent statue of Sri Ramanujacharya – The Statue of Equality can be seen from afar as you approach the place. As you walk up the steps, you can witness the grandeur of the statue and the fine details on it. You can see the large lotus below the statue, the elephants supporting it and the three-storey Bhadra Vedi base building. The entire complex is dedicated to understanding the teachings and philosophy of Ramanujacharya.

2. Walk through the 108 Divya desams – The statue is surrounded by 108 small temples. These are mini replicas of all the 108 Divya desam idols. You can see them on the way up to the statue's base.

3. Get blessings from Ramanuja – Bhadra Vedi, the base of the Statue of Equality, has a miniature statue of Ramanuja in the meditation hall. This statue is made of 120 kg gold, and you can get the blessings of the divine saint here.

4. Explore the works of Ramanuja – Statue of Equality is built to propagate the teachings of Ramanuja and inspire the world with his beliefs. The complex houses a Vedic digital library and a research centre for this purpose. It also has a museum, a theatre and an educational gallery to provide all the information. You'll find many ancient Indian texts and several works of Ramanuja here. The complex also has an auditorium for spiritual seminars.

5. Relish meals in the food court – The statue complex has a food court where you can get prasadam and bhog meals during the day. It serves vegetarian meals to all the devotees visiting the place.

6. Enjoy the evening musical fountain – The Statue of Equality also has a musical dancing fountain. In the evening, you can learn about the significant life events of Sri Ramanujacharya with the help of a colourful laser light show. The entire complex gets bathed in bright lights as evening approaches. The glow of the Statue of Equality at night is unparalleled.

Statue of Equality Entry Timings and Fee

The Statue of Equality entry timings are from 3 PM to 8 PM (Monday through Friday, except Wednesday). On Saturday and Sunday (the weekends), the statue is open from 11 AM to 8 PM. It is open on all days except Wednesdays.

The evening Aradhana in the Divya desams starts at 6 PM every day.

The dress code of the Statue of Equality is strictly traditional. Dhoti or formal Indian dresses are preferred for men. For women, a saree or churidar is preferred. Jeans and western dresses aren't allowed in the complex.

Statue of Equality entry ticket price is ₹150 for adults and ₹75 for kids (between 5-12 years). The car parking charge is ₹40.

Best time to visit Statue of Equality Hyderabad

The weather of Hyderabad is best during the winter months, from November to February. Visit the Statue of Equality in the evenings when the weather is pleasant and the temperature isn’t too high to cause any discomfort.

Also, in the evening, you can enjoy the laser show. And you can witness the Statue of Equality night view with all its lighting in those hours.

Time to explore Statue of Equality (Ramanuja)

You can spend around 3-4 hours exploring the Statue of Equality. Visit the place to see the statue, get blessings, and stay for the Aradhana ritual. You can even explore the library and museum to learn more about Ramanuja.

But you'll need to have an entire evening or half a day free to visit this place. The statue is on the outskirts of Hyderabad, and it takes around an hour from the city centre.

While you're here, also enjoy the evening laser and dancing fountain show and a meal in the Statue of Equality food court.

Things to keep in mind when visiting Statue of Equality

  • Visiting the Statue of Equality requires a lot of walking.
  • The entrance gate is about a km away from the parking area.
  • Have an ID card handy for security checks.
  • You need to walk up about 200 stairs to reach the statue.
  • Lifts and wheelchairs are available near the stairs.
  • The complex has food courts with meals and other amenities.
  • Carry light snacks and water if you have kids along.
  • Leave your footwear and valuables at the entrance in numbered bags.
  • Those numbered bags are later transferred to the exit area.
  • Better to keep footwear in your vehicle for quick retrieval.
  • Battery operated vehicles run in the statue complex.
  • Well-maintained restrooms are present in the complex.

How to reach the Statue of Equality in Hyderabad?

Statue of Equality is situated in Sriram Nagar, on the outskirts of Hyderabad. It's off the Hyderabad-Bengaluru highway, near Muchintal. The Statue of Equality to Hyderabad distance is 34 km.

From Hyderabad Nampally railway station and Secunderabad railway station, the statue is 36 km and 41 km away, respectively. The nearest airport to the Statue of Equality is Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, about 16 km away.

And here are the different ways to reach the Statue of Equality Hyderabad –

By bus – To reach the Statue of Equality by bus, take a public bus going towards Shadnagar. Get off near Peddatopra, near Muchintal. From there, you can hire an auto to reach the statue, which is about 2 km away.

By taxi/cab – Taxis and private cabs are the most convenient way to reach the Statue of Equality (Ramanuja). You can hire taxis or cabs from most parts of Hyderabad. So, you can book them for the day from top car rental companies in Hyderabad and explore the Statue of Equality and other tourist places in Hyderabad at your own pace. They usually take an hour to the statue complex from most parts of the city.

Interesting facts about Statue of Equality Hyderabad

  • The statue was built part-by-part in China in 18 months.
  • All the parts were assembled in Muchintal over nine months.
  • The total height of the Statue of Equality is 216 feet from the ground.
  • The height of the Sri Ramanujacharya statue is 108 feet.
  • The height of Ramanujacharya's Thridandam is 135 feet.
  • The height of the three-storey Bhadra Vedi is 54 feet.
  • The height of the Padma Peetam platform is 27 feet.
  • The Padma Peetam platform has 54 lotus petals.
  • 36 elephant figurines support the Padma Peetam platform.
  • The statue also has 18 sankhas and 18 chakras.
  • The statue complex has replicas of 108 Divya desam temples.
  • The Bhadra Vedi building has a smaller Ramanuja statue made of 120 kg gold.

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Map for Statue of Equality (Ramanuja), Popular Tourist Place in Hyderabad

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