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Wonderla Hyderabad Amusement Park, which has been opened to public recently, is nothing less than a wonder-world, offering innumerable numbers of entertaining activities and thrilling rides. Here a few tips that you can follow for a hassle free time at this amusement park, without comprising on the fun.

Keep yourself Hydrated

Not only in summer when it becomes absolutely necessary, it is also advisable to drink water and keep oneself hydrated all the time as most of the rides are outdoor.

Wearing the right clothes for water rides

What you wear while going for the rides is quite important for safety as well as hygiene of water parks. While going for water slides, it is advisable to wear Synthetic and nylon costumes only such as synthetic t-shirts, shorts, Bermudas, or swim suites.

People with attires such as saris, burka, formal pants and shirts, cargos, denims pants or three fourths, uniforms are not allowed in the water park. Even dupattas and scarves are not allowed. So for an enjoyable time, wear the right clothing and make the best out of the fun rides at Wonderla Hyderabad.

Travelling with kid

If you are visiting Wonderla Hyderabad with your children, it is always better to be prepared. Make sure there are enough ways to contact you if in case he or she gets lost. Place a note in their pocket containing phone numbers with your names so that others can contact you.

Everyone must also follow the height based restrictions for various rides, children who do not fit the height parameters shouldn’t be allowed for rides. this is for their safety.

Do not dive into water pools

When playing in water, keep in mind that the pools here are shallow so avoid diving into the water or else it might lead to injury.

Do not panic

If in case a ride stops in between, do remain seated on your respective position and wait for the life guards and ride operators to come and assist you. Do not push or pull anyone as that might worsen the situation. Be seated until a ride completely stops at its designated unloading point.

Prepare for a day out

When going for various rides and spending entire day out in open, trying various thrilling rides, it is always advisable to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Clothes of light colour are best to wear on a sunny day. Do apply sunscreen to protect your skin from direct sunlight. UV protective sunglasses are recommended.

Listening to your body

If you feel too tired, don’t force yourself into other rides. Take some time to relax your body before you go for another thrilling ride. Those, with medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart ailment and pregnant ladies must avoid rides that too fast and daring.

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