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Ramoji Film City Packages | 1 Day Family Packages

General by Car
Daily - 9 AM to 8:30 PM. #Ramoji Entry Fee Included. #Pick & Drop from Hotel / Home by Ac Car.
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Entry Ticket
Star by Car
Daily - 9 AM to 8:30 PM #Ramoji Entry Fee Included. #Buffet Lunch. #Pick & Drop from Hotel / Home by Ac Car.
Pickup & Drop
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General by TSTDC Bus
Daily - 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM #Ramoji General Entry Ticket Included. #Pick & Drop by Bus from various City Points.

SAHAS Adventure Land Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film city SAHAS is one of the most popular and recent addition to this wonderland of Hyderabad. Boasting of being Asia’s largest adventure land, Sahas has been designed especially for adventure sports, equipped with all modern facilities of international standards. Sahas at Ramoji Film City is nothing less than a paradise for adventure lovers as it brings an amazing array of adventure activities, ensuring a memorable experience to everyone.

SAHAS Packages

What make the experience at Sahas even more enjoyable are its amazing range of packages, assuring a hassle free and cost effective tour to the adventure land of Ramoji Film city. Whether you are travelling with your colleagues as an office trip of with your college friends or with family, there are suitable packages for every individual.

Its Corporate Package is especially designed for large groups, covering upto 20 number of people in one package. The games included in this package assist in building team spirit and coordination, as well as mutual understanding between colleagues. While for those taking a personal tour to Ramoji Film city Sahas, there are a range of Individual Packages, each with varying yet interesting set of sports and activities to the visitors. These package let you know enjoy the most with your loved ones, without any worries of arrangements and facilities.

Sahas presents an exciting break from monotony of everyday life without requiring you make a long trip. Its location at Ramoji film city let you have a refreshing break even when you are running short of time. The best aspect is that it offers adventure without posing any risks as a lot of safety measures have been taken while conducting each sports. There is also a constant guidance and assistance from qualified staff at Sahas.

If you are worried about booking then let us tell you that even booking of tickets and packages are also quite easy at Ramoji film city. There is the facility of booking online as well as at the ticketing counter.

Adventure Sports @ SAHAS

Every sport facility offered at SAHAS is unique in itself. The range of activities here makes it one of the best adventure lands of the world, promising an unmatched experience. Here is a brief introduction on the sports at Ramoji film city Sahas.

All-Terrain Vehicle @ SAHAS Adventure Land

On a circuit of 1.5 km long, with varied kinds of terrains, you drive across all the obstacles that have been planted on the way. The powerful energy of 800cc bike is itself enough to excite the participants. Before the final turn, participants practice with the trainer. For the safety of participants while going for the adventure sports, they are required to wear arm guard, knee guard, chest guard, helmet, gloves and goggles.

Body Zorb Fight @ SAHAS

This sport is a perfect combination of thrill and laughter. In the game of Body Zorb Fight, players are strapped, with their torso inside a human-size Zorb Ball. Enclosed in the inflated ball, players fight with each other by pushing each other. This game is not just fun to play also equally amusing to watch two players struggling in their balls and rolling down.

Bungee Ejection @ SAHAS Adventure Land

A kind of Bungee Jumping sport, in Bungee Ejection participants are suspended in the air and rocked upside and down. An elastic rope is tied to the participants. This is one of the most popular sport among those seek thrill and excitement, being suspended in air with the help of just a rope is not for weak hearts after all. For safety of the players, condition of carabiners and other used equipment are checked frequently.

Happy Hits @ SAHAS

Drawing its inspirations from Angry Birds, Happy Hits is a fun game to play. In this life size version of one of the most popular mobile games, players launch rubber projectiles by pulling back huge catapult so as to tip over the target.

High Rope Course @ SAHAS Adventure Land

An action-packaged outdoor game, High Rope Course comprises of a wide range of obstacles that participants are required to overcome. It is more like a personality development sport, which requires both physical fitness and mental alertness from the participants. These kinds of obstacle courses are used to train soldiers too even during ancient times.

Human Foosball @ SAHAS

Human foosball is a team game, where many players play a life sized version of tablet football and foosball. With a right combination of team spirit, coordination and understanding, players will not only enjoy but even learn a lot from this game. Here their hands are tied to a rope, where players are supposed to keep the ball rolling by passing it on to the other players of your team.

Meltdown @ SAHAS Adventure Land

An eight player game, Meltdown is inspired by an Australian TV game show names Wipe Out. In this game, players are required to jump over the boom poles or duck under them, so as to prevent falling down on the inflatable ring.

Mountain Biking @ SAHAS

Mountain biking is not an alien game to many of us, but here at Sahas Ramoji film city, the sports take even more adventurous form as participants ride through a rough terrain with varied erratic changes. For their safety, they are required to wear helmets, elbow guards, knee guards and gloves and are accompanied by a lead escort.

Net Course @ SAHAS Adventure Land

Although it might look simpler, net course is also not an easier task to complete with as many as 42 obstacles. Offering a perfect game for excitement seekers, in net course, participants are required to walk on a rope bridge without any harness or any other safety equipment other than a safety net to catch you if you fall, making it all the more challenging and exciting.

Obstacle Race @ SAHAS

As the name suggest, Obstacle Race is a sport where players run ahead, crossing a wide range of obstacles past their friends and other players. Some of the obstacles that players need to overcome are Monkey Crawling, Jumping Jacks, Soldier Crawl, Para Slithering, Traverse Climbing, Ring the Bell, etc. this activity is ideal for testing your physical fitness and determination.

Paintball @ SAHAS Adventure Land

In this sport of Paintball, teams of players compete against each other by eliminating them though tagging with capsules of colors. Every player is given a paintball gun using which players’ fire paintballs consisting of water soluble dye on their opponents. Participants are expected to maintain certain safety requirements like wearing masks; neck guards chest guards along with combat uniforms that give this sport a touch of military as well.

Shooting and Archery @ SAHAS

Sahas presents its visitors with a carefully crafted target shoot range with 14 bays. There are all kinds of modern facilities and equipment of target shooting for a variety of activities. Here, participants can try out various kinds of archery such as Soft Archery, Compound Archery, Indian Archery, and Crossbow Archery along with rifle shooting. Participants are offered with detailed training on how to operate those shooting arms.

Sumo Suits @ SAHAS Adventure Land

Promising the most hilarious wrestling match that you have ever seen, Sumo Suits is a sport full of laughter and fun. Here participants try to pull, push and wrestle his/her opponent out of the wrestling mat and ring. For the game players are required to wear an over-sized suit, which is an experience in itself.

Zorbing @ SAHAS

In this sport of Zorbing, participants get inside a huge plastic bubble. After gaining balance, initially they roll downhill while being inside the bubble. However, later on, players start bouncing and stumbling with the bubble, which is made up of flexible plastic. The fun reaches to another level, when participants leave the control and let the bubble give them a joyful happy ride.

Accommodation @ SAHAS, Ramoji Film City

With the innumerable number of choices at Sahas it becomes impossible to try every activity in just one day. Hence, for those who would like to stay and enjoy the most of the thrilling sports, facility of accommodation is also offered. Whether you are looking for a luxurious stay or a budget accommodation, you will have suitable choices here.

Hotel Sitara, presents guests with luxurious stay at its 168 rooms, which have been skilfully designed, offering breath taking view of lush green forest and landscapes, and are equipped with ultra-modern facilities such as Vibration Discotheque, Jacuzzi, Steam Room, Sauna, Champion Clubhouse, etc.

Aesthetically designed Hotel Tara promises a relaxed stay to everyone. Its 126 rooms speak of comfort and cosiness along with luxury of modern facilities such as club, discotheque, gymnasium, etc.

For those, who are not very specific about their stay and are content with the basic comfort, Hotel Sahas, which is managed by Dolphin Hotels, present the choice of shared accommodation with all the required modern amenities such as Flat Screen Television, Wi-Fi Connectivity, Refrigerator, Tea & Coffee Station, etc. Another option of budget accommodation is the Shantiniketan situated on the Princess Street, comprising of 56 deluxe rooms which are equipped with basic modern amenities.